Pink Oasis Scarf

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Dive into the pink oasis with this pareo

Like an oasis in the desert, this scarf is a colourful spot of happiness in the often so dreary and grey everyday life of the city. The soft and light pastel colours shimmer between pink and purple depending on the ambient light and have an eerily calm and relaxing effect. The cream-coloured embellishments round off the look harmoniously and at the same time make a creative and playful statement.

Like an oasis in the desert, the pareo scarf is can be a refreshment on hot days in the city. Airy and light, the fabric lies on the skin, lets a fresh breeze through every now and then and keeps you vital and lively even on hot days. Just right for sunny days when you want to protect your skin from the sun without having to do without the fresh air of a summer breeze

The light vegan fibre made from natural raw materials makes this combination of lightness and airiness possible. You can wear your scarf wonderfully as a pareo and put it around your shoulders or hips, for example, or use it as a beach towel. The cosy shawls can be used in many ways and are a real eye-catcher due to their special and strong colours

Your pareo scarf is lovingly handmade under fair wages and best working conditions. You want to know more about our manufactory? Have a look at our production site in the beautiful part of northern Thailand.

Please note: The colors of the light viscose fabric can change their intensity depending on the incidence of light. In the sunlight, for example, the colors shine differently than at home on the sofa. Please also take this into consideration when viewing our product images.

“With our products we want to bring more love into our society and environment. We help where we can. That’s what we stand for and every person who supports us.“

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Care instructions

Please note that the textiles lose some colour with the first wash can. Wash your new parts alone or with colour-insensitive items. You can also use a colour catcher cloth for the first few washes if you are unsure.

Please also note:

  • Wash before first use!
  • Machine wash: delicates program or similar at max. 30° C
  • Do not bleach
  • Spin only at low speed
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Bügeln: Nur mit geringer Temperatur -> 

    Durch Bügeln und anschließendes leichtes strechen weiten sich die Fasern und die Hose kann bis zu 5cm länger werden

  • Do not dry clean

Here you will find our detailed care instructions.

By the way: paigh fashion pieces made of viscose dry super fast, which can be especially useful when traveling!

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