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First steps & care tips

  • The most important points summarized
  • Longevity of your paigh fashion pieces
  • If you have any questions, please contact our support ♥

Before you wear and use your new paigh products for the first time, there are a few things you should definitely consider:

Before wearing for the first time

Exchanges, returns & defects

Zwei lachende Frauen stehen umarmend vor einem blühenden Busch und tragen dabei zwei bunt gemusterte Haremshosen mit einem gelben Top

Your coziest companion

Feel the freedom in the light and soft fabric of our paigh harem pants. Discover foreign countries and get to know unknown cultures with your new favorite pants. Be ready for new adventures and equip yourself individually. Colorful and modern designs make the paigh harem pants colorful, bright and unique. A practical tip: The harem pants take up little space and dry super quickly after hand washing - this makes them a must-have in every luggage!

Nahansicht einer Hand, die auf einen rot-weißen Stoff mit einer Nähmaschine ein paigh-Etikett befestigt

Our paigh factory

Our paigh trousers are handmade in the northern villages of Thailand in a small family-run business with fair wages and under the best working conditions.

Lachende Frau in blauer Haremshose und weißem Top steht vor einer bunt bepflanzten Steinmauer

Fair Trade certified by the WFTO

Our producer in Thailand has always done a great job. To support this, we entered into a partnership at the time. Fortunately, our joint work has now been officially certified by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)!