What should you pay attention to when doing the laundry?

The most gentle care ensures the longest durability. Our paigh fashion pieces are happy about tender and gentle care, which is why we strongly recommend our care instructions. Please remember that wedo not pre-wash our viscose fashion pieces several times This can make the fabric feel alittle hard or stiff at the beginning This willdisappearafter the first few washes and you can fully enjoy the soft and light fabric on your skin.
For the first few times you should wash your paigh fashion pieces alone, with the same colours or with dark and not colour sensitive clothes.
By the way, a little bonus: paigh viscose fashion pieces dry super fast, which can be very useful when travelling!

Machine wash: 30° C

Attention: In some items of clothing there are still old labels on which hand washing is recommended. This information on the labels is no longer current. We assure you that all paigh viscose fashion items can be machine washed according to these recommendations:

paigh viscose fashion items are best machine washed in the delicates program or another gentle program at max. 30°. The machine should not be too full and not spin-dry as long and fast.
Remember towash your new pieces the first few times alone or with colour-insensitive parts , as the fabric will lose some colour at the beginning

Do not bleach

Bleaching is not possible. Only use bleach-free detergents (e.g. colour detergents). Also be careful with stain removers. In case of doubt, try on a concealed area.

Do not dry in the tumble dryer

The textiles do not tolerate drying in a tumble dryer.

Ironing at low temperature

Maximum temperature of the iron soleplate of 110 °C. Also corresponds to the iron temperature level "polyacrylic, polyamide (nylon), acetate". If necessary, iron shiny or pressure-sensitive articles with a dry intermediate cloth or on the back. No ironing with steam. Do not distort.

Do not dry clean

Dry cleaning is not possible. Do not treat with solvents. Do not use stain removers containing solvents.