How do you wash our products correctly?

Our paigh fashion items look forward to delicate care, which is why we recommend our care instructions to you. Incidentally, a small bonus: paigh fashion items dry super quickly, which can be very useful, especially when traveling!

hand wash
water temperature max. 30 ° C depending on the article. First dissolve mild detergent / wool detergent in plenty of water. Place the textiles floating in the lye, move gently. Don't rub, don't tug, don't wring. Then rinse the textiles well, squeeze them out carefully and pull them into shape. Treat colored and sensitive items of laundry quickly and do not leave them wet. When washing for the first time, please make sure that our fashion items can give off color.

Do not bleach
Bleaching is not possible. Use only bleach-free detergents (e.g. color detergents). Also be careful with stain removers. If in doubt, try it on a hidden spot.

Do not tumble dry
The textiles cannot be tumble dried .

Ironing with a low temperature
Maximum temperature of the soleplate of 110 ° C. Also corresponds to the iron temperature level "polyacrylic, polyamide (nylon), acetate". If necessary, iron glossy or pressure-sensitive articles with a dry intermediate cloth or on the back. No steam ironing. Don't warp.

Do not dry clean
Dry cleaning not possible. Do not treat with solvents. Do not use solvent-based stain removers.