How it all began

Marc and Marlon, two friends from Cologne, were lucky enough to study in their favourite city, but like many people they have the desire to travel to foreign countries, to get to know new cultures and friends and to change the wallpaper from time to time for a while.
They felt the need to make this feeling of deceleration and adventure, of unique freedom and at the same time to find a home in so many places, also tangible for other people. How this could be achieved soon became clear when they asked themselves what had always accompanied them on their travels. The harem trousers, also known as bloomers or pants, but by now also known as paigh trousers, were with them on all their journeys, whether by the sea or in the mountains, in sunshine or in monsoon rain, and never let them down during their adventures.
Meanwhile Marlon has devoted himself to other great tasks. The paigh team and Marc are still at the wheel of this exciting journey.

paigh - a feeling

With our paigh fashion pieces you should feel warm sand under your feet, smell sun and salt on your skin and hear the sea gurgling. We want your everyday life to feel like a holiday, so that you can just switch off and let your thoughts travel, far away from stress and hurry. The whole life should be a wonderful journey for each of us. It doesn't just start when you get on the plane, pack your car or buy your train ticket. No, quite the opposite! You can find new people, impressions and experiences everywhere, you just have to stroll through life attentively and openly. With paigh everyday life becomes a holiday. You feel at home all over the world and at the same time you always have a piece of the world at home.

Our philosophy

For us, it was clear from the very beginning that the conditions for all those involved in our production chain had to be absolutely fair. Good working conditions and a fair wage for the employees:in Thailand are therefore an obligatory condition for us. It was an indispensable concern for us to know and guarantee that the workers:inside our brand are well before, during and after work. We believe that every person should have the chance to live a safe life and be treated fairly and we are committed to this with our possibilities. Here you can read more about the background of our production, or our cooperation with the World Fair Trade Organization.

Our vision

We have the passion to create a brand that produces modern and young and at the same time timeless fashion, which we constantly develop and improve. paigh embodies a journey, wants to discover the world with you and experience everyday adventures. Each piece of fashion is unique and tells its own story. We would like you to reshape this story, tell it to others and unfold yourself in it

paigh - What does that actually mean?

paigh ❤️ - it can mean a lot... And how do you actually pronounce it?