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World Fair Trade Organization

Our partnership with the WFTO is something very special for us! We are proud to have the official status of "Guaranteed Fair Trade Member" since the end of 2019 and thus to have our hard work and especially that of our producer in Thailand recognized. This motivates and encourages us to continue working on our vision. Since day one we treat everyone involved in our business fairly and with respect and improve the social standards in our main country of production. 

As a member of the WFTO we are part of a strong community that shares the same goals and supports our efforts. Spread across 76 countries, WFTO members have already secured nearly 1 million livelihoods. We are now continuing to support this great development together with you and could not be happier about that! 

If you would like to learn more about the WFTO, its work and its members, please visit this page.

Here you can learn more about the 10 principles of the World Fair Trade Organization.