Fashion pieces made with love

Our paigh garments are manufactured in a small, family-run production facility in the heart of Thailand. Great emphasis is placed on a pleasant working atmosphere, personal demands and individual development. Our tailors also work from home so they can take care of their families and spend more time with them. Unfortunately, not many people get this chance in Thailand. That is why we support our producers wherever we can and promote this great model together with you.

Handmade accessories with attention to detail

Our accessories are created in constant collaboration with local artists and current designers. They create unique products with a traditional background with loving details and creative ideas. Here traditional craftsmanship is combined with modern influences and we are happy to help the artists carry their great work around the world. We are proud to be able to offer unique accessories, bags, purses and much more and to support and promote our partners with every product.

Quality and design of our fashion pieces

paighs quality standards begin with the choice of fabrics. Only the most beautiful patterns and the best quality make it to our tailors: inside, where they are cut to size and lovingly handcrafted. In cooperation, the models and cuts are further developed, improved and adapted to our customer requirements. For example, we use special seam processes to make the seams more robust and beautiful, use more elaborate edge finishes and attach great importance to details in every step. When choosing the fabric, we found a material with the viscose that is not only super comfortable, soft and light but also has other advantages. For example, no oil is used in production and no pesticides are used. In addition, water requirements and land use are lower than, for example, cotton. In addition and despite the trust that we have in our producer, we have had random samples of our substances examined in an independent laboratory in Germany for harmful and unwanted substances. Of course, all the tests were negative and gave us a firm confirmation of our selection. By the way, viscose is a semi-synthetic fiber made from the basic material cellulose, which is made from wood and thus consists of renewable resources.

A happy life together

paigh not only stands for colorful and fair fashion, but also for diversity and openness. The employees in Thailand come from four different continents and seven different languages ​​are spoken in the workshops. With this diverse gathering of people from all over the world, we want to welcome the diversity and possibilities of the whole world to paigh too. Here everyone should have a chance for a fairly paid job, security and opportunity to develop, no matter where you come from. Even people who have been disadvantaged or neglected for political or religious reasons are given the opportunity to improve their lives through a secure job. It is often difficult or impossible for people in these problem areas to find a job. With paigh, experience can be gained, skills can be built, contacts can be made and universal advantages for further (professional) life can be achieved. These special features not only shape the working atmosphere positively, but also make the workplace an exciting, creative and progressive place for everyone involved.

Working and supporting together

The support of the employees in Thailand at paigh is something very special. We actively promote the creative development and development of employees. Interested employees can attend learning sessions to develop their creative and creative skills and thus develop their skills and learn new things. As a further exceptional offer, English classes are offered three times a week. The linguistic, economic, technical and social skills of the employees that we promote and support at paigh enable the Thai employees to benefit greatly throughout life.


We see it as an enrichment for life to set goals and realize projects.

Therefore, it is our wish to embody this joy in all work steps - fair wages are a basic requirement for paigh.


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