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Article: The most beautiful harem pants for men

Pluderhosen Männer

The most beautiful harem pants for men

Welcome to paigh, your one-stop shop for fairly produced, colorful and comfortable harem pants for men! We're glad you're here - whether you're looking for the perfect outfit for a relaxing day in nature or a cozy evening with friends.

What are harem pants? In short: Oriental harem pants are colorful leisure pants that have a very wide cut and are made from different materials. From silk to cotton to denim, everything is possible.

However, each of our men's harem pants is, above all, sustainable, comfortable and colorful. Because our focus is on offering you comfort and convenience. And all of this sustainably and without bad working conditions for our tailors. In the following text you will find all the important information about what harem pants are, how they are produced and how you can combine them.

What are men's harem pants?

Wide harem pants for men – what is actually behind this casual trend? The answer is simple: ultimate comfort in colorful leisure trousers, paired with sustainable fashion! Thanks to their soft fabric, they fall loosely around your leg without causing any discomfort.

We firmly believe that you can have both without having to compromise. With casual harem pants you can float through life freely and calmly all day long! Their elastic waistband and soft fabric make them suitable for every figure type. They adapt to your body, not the other way around!

Harem pants men

History of harem pants - a long tradition

But wait, before you dive into the fabulous world of wide harem pants , let us briefly tell you the history of these cool styles. This type of trousers was particularly popular in Spain in the 16th century. From there they spread across Europe and became an important item of men's fashion. The term harem pants most likely comes from the word “blodern,” which means “to bulge out” in Middle High German. Exciting, right?

Over the centuries, harem pants traveled around the world and settled in a wide variety of cultures. From the colorful hippie markets of the 60s and 70s to the exotic Goa beaches of today - the harem pants have always found their fans who were enchanted by their unique charisma.

But what distinguishes men's harem pants from bloomers ? Men's bloomers are often associated with the world of Aladdin and that's not wrong at all. Bloomers were mainly worn by men and women in the oriental area. The answer lies in the details. Both trousers have their origin in the width and the airy cut, which ensures an incomparable wearing comfort. However, the bloomers are characterized by their elastic waistband, which makes them easy to slip on and ensures a perfect fit. With an elastic drawstring around the waist, they fit snugly without constricting or squeezing. They are a modern version of the timeless harem pants and allow us to enjoy the feeling of freedom and lightness in everyday life.

Types of men's harem pants

Now to the different types of harem pants for men that you can discover with us! Whether you are looking for a casual pair of trousers, longing for the Goa hippie harem trousers and therefore the west coast of India or prefer to rock in a rocking pair of harem trousers - we have something for every taste and style.

The Goa pants let you feel the flair of India. With bright colors, they give you a tropical feeling that catapults you straight into your summer vacation. Our black harem pants are darker, romantic and well suited for evening outings to concerts or festivals. With them your rock festival will be much more fun, because the summer heat won't harm you anymore.

Our baggy-like trousers are a great piece of clothing for fans of streetwear and perfect for relaxed days. You can feel nature in the linen harem pants.

Do you love the vintage charm ? Then our vintage balloon pants will delight you! They give you a unique look and are super comfortable. When the sun is shining, our summer trousers are your ideal companion, while the ankle strap trousers are not only trendy, but also exude a touch of adventure.

No matter whether you are looking for black trousers for an elegant look, casual hippie trousers for relaxing in the park or summer trousers for a trip to the sea - we have the right harem trousers for every occasion.

With our comfortable leisure trousers you are always flexible and ready for any activity. Because our focus is on your freedom - regardless of whether you are committed to social issues or simply love nature.

So, grab your favorite harem pants and show the world how stylish sustainability can be! At paigh you will find the coolest and most comfortable harem pants for men that express your personality and values. Come by and discover the colorful world of fair fashion!

Combine harem pants correctly

Harem pants are for everyone - whether man, woman, child or divers, everyone can wear harem pants and combine them beautifully. Here you will find tips for your perfect look:

  • T-shirt and tank top: Wear the soft cotton harem pants with a simple t-shirt or a casual tank top for a relaxed and comfortable look. Choose a matching or contrasting top depending on the style you want to emphasize. You can also combine this with ethnic hippie harem trousers or casual beach trousers.
  • Shirt: For a more chic look, you can combine the harem pants with a light shirt. Roll up your sleeves and let the shirt hang loosely over your pants to create a relaxed yet well-dressed impression.
  • Sweatshirt or hoodie : Even when it gets cooler, you can still wear harem pants. Combine the harem pants with a comfortable sweatshirt or a casual hoodie for a sporty and cozy look. Perfect for relaxing days or leisure activities. A black harem trouser goes well with this.
  • Accessories: Set accents with matching accessories such as a belt or a chic watch. These small details can enhance the look and give it a personal touch. Colorful batik look harem pants can also be combined with simple accessories.

No matter what you wear, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable.

Harem pants men

Our harem pants – comfort for every man

For us, comfort is our top priority because we know how important it is to feel completely comfortable in your clothes. Our harem pants are made from high-quality materials and ensure you can move freely throughout the day, whether you're taking a long walk or just relaxing on the sofa. The additional pockets allow you to take small items such as your cell phone, wallet and keys with you.

But that is not all! Because at paigh we attach great importance to sustainability and social commitment. Our clothing is produced fairly - for us, feeling good and looking good are not mutually exclusive. For us, fashion is not only an expression of personality, but also a statement for a better world.

If you are committed to social issues and love nature, you have come to the right place. Our harem pants are not only environmentally friendly, but also colorful and full of joy - just like you! With paigh you can reflect your values ​​and interests in your wardrobe while making a positive contribution to the environment.

No matter whether you are close to nature and sporty or simply someone who prefers a relaxed and relaxed lifestyle. With us you will find the perfect complement to your individual look. Do you love clothing with an ecological touch and value quality? Then paigh is the right place for you!

So, get inspired and discover our diverse selection of harem pants for men. Bring the touch of nature, freedom and serenity into your everyday life and show that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand. Make the world a little more colorful with us – in the fairly produced, comfortable and stylish harem pants from paigh!

The paigh factory stands for fair production

Our common goal is to establish fair working conditions. For this reason, we at paigh attach great importance to ensuring that our tailors can work safely and fairly. Because when they work well, they work with love, fun and a good feeling.

Harem pants for men - certified by the WFTO

To ensure the work of our tailors in Thailand, we are officially certified by the WFTO. This means that when you buy your harem pants, you can be sure that we will always keep our promise of sustainable production.


As you can see, there are hardly any limits to what you can do with paigh harem pants. At paigh we want you to feel comfortable and wear what reflects your personality. That's why we've put together an extensive range of harem pants for you: from tropical Goa pants made of cotton to rocky, dark styles to vintage pants for men - it really has it all. And they are not only chic and versatile, but also produced completely fairly, sustainably and certified. And so that you can slip into your pants quickly, our shipping is quick and uncomplicated. Do you need the pants even faster? Our express shipping makes it possible and flexible.

Which pants are your favorite pants? Tell us about it!

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