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Article: Harem Pants Sewing Pattern: Easy Instructions

Haremshose Schnittmuster

Harem Pants Sewing Pattern: Easy Instructions

They are our summer favorite and probably the most comfortable piece of clothing in the closet: harem pants. The trousers are characterized by their airy cut and their colorful, diverse designs. This makes it the perfect companion for everyday life, yoga and Pilates sessions or a cozy Sunday on the couch. You don't necessarily have to buy them new, you can also easily sew the harem pants yourself.

What is a Harem Pants Pattern? With a pattern for your harem pants, you can easily sew the comfortable bloomers yourself. The pattern for harem pants is relatively simple and is also suitable for sewing beginners.

In this article, you will learn all about the benefits of a harem pants pattern and the basic steps to sew harem pants using a simple sewing pattern.

Benefits of Using a Harem Pants Pattern

For us, harem pants are the ideal piece of clothing because we love their comfort and still don't have to compromise on the design - especially if we sew them ourselves and have complete freedom in the design.

Especially in summer, we are grateful for the pleasant air circulation that the loose cut of the harem pants creates. Plus, we don't have to decide here: depending on the fabric and design, we can wear the harem pants in a classic, elegant way or in a playful boho style. And the best thing about it: Harem pants actually suit everyone, regardless of age, gender or body shape.

If you want to sew your harem pants yourself, there are many advantages to using a pattern. The harem pants pattern makes the process of cutting the garment easier because it gives you a precise template that you can use as a guide. This saves you the time and effort you would need for measuring and drawing. Thanks to the pattern, you can also sew the garment again and again in different sizes for your friends or family. With a harem pants pattern you can work more professionally and consistently without losing your creativity because you can usually adapt and vary a pattern. We think: Sewing is simply more fun with a pattern, it saves you a lot of time and still gives you the freedom to be creative in the right places.

Harem pants sewing pattern

The right fit for your harem pants

The big advantage of sewing your harem pants yourself is that you can adapt the fit individually to you, your body and your wishes.

To find the right fit, you should first take your body measurements. To do this, measure your waist width, hip width, leg length and the circumference of your legs at the widest point. Be sure to write down all the measurements so that you can derive the correct pattern from them.

You can first make a first test version of your harem pants using an inexpensive fabric. You can then adjust and check these. If, when wearing the test pattern, you notice that the pants are too loose or too tight, you can adjust your pattern accordingly.

By the way, the fabrics you choose for your harem pants also affect the fit. Elastic materials such as viscose or jersey offer more freedom of movement, while firmer materials such as jeans, linen or cotton provide more structure.

The details that you want to add to your pants, such as pockets, cuffs or decorative embellishments, can also influence the fit.

The best way to find the perfect fit for your harem pants is to try them on several times until the pants fit perfectly, feel comfortable and meet your expectations.

Sewing your harem pants using a sewing pattern

We'll explain the simple steps you can take to sew your harem pants using a pattern:

  1. Prepare materials: Decide on the fabric you want to use for your harem pants. Light, airy fabrics include cotton, linen or viscose. Alternatively, you can also sew the harem pants out of denim.

In addition to the fabric, you will need an elastic band and some cuff fabric for the ankles.

  1. Choose the pattern: You can find numerous templates for a harem pants pattern on the Internet or in a sewing book. A simple pattern consists of a rectangular piece of fabric for the front and back and two narrow strips of fabric for the legs of the harem pants.
  2. The actual sewing process: After you have decided on a pattern, the actual sewing begins. First, transfer the pattern onto your fabric and cut out the pieces. Then sew the inner leg seams together by placing the right sides of the fabric together. Now sew along the edge. Do you want to use ankle cuffs to make them tighter? Then sew these onto the lower ends of the legs.
  3. Waistband: Now comes the waistband. To do this, fold the top edge of the pants twice to create a kind of tunnel for your elastic band. Then sew along the edge at that point, leaving a small opening to insert the elastic. Finally, thread the elastic through the tunnel, adjust it to your waist and sew the ends together.
  4. Your harem pants are ready: Close the opening at the top waistband by sewing it closed precisely. Of course, you can also attach a cord to the waistband or get creative in some other way. The harem pants leave plenty of room for creativity and individuality.

Where can I find a pattern for my harem pants?

As already mentioned above, you can find your pattern either online or in a sewing book. We have put together a few more tips for you on where you can look for great harem pants patterns:

  • Sewing blog : Many sewing enthusiasts and hobby designers share their ideas on blogs and online platforms. Just type “harem pants sewing instructions” into Google search and click through a few appealing results.
  • Sewing magazines: There are numerous creative sewing magazines such as BURDA , Ottobre or Fashion Design . You can sometimes buy stacks of old magazines on eBay for very reasonable prices. Alternatively, you can also stop by your local library. You can borrow magazines there for little money or even free of charge.
  • Sewing stores or fabric stores: A visit to your city's fabric store might be worth it if you're looking for a physical product.
  • YouTube and Instagram: In addition to the classic blogs, you can also find more and more creative people on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok who share their knowledge with their followers. Click here through the communities and suitable hashtags and you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Important: Make sure that the pattern corresponds to your sewing level and fits your body shape.

Harem pants sewing pattern

Comfortable alternative: the paigh harem pants

Do you want handmade harem pants but don't have the time, resources or capacity to sew them yourself? We can understand that and that's exactly why we founded paigh.

We offer you sustainable, handcrafted and authentic harem pants at fair prices. We have our trousers produced in the northern villages of Thailand - exactly where we fell in love with this comfortable piece of clothing.

You don't have to miss out on design diversity here either: our harem pants are available in different lengths ( short and long versions, for children and in plus size ) and in numerous color and pattern variations. From simple, monochrome designs to classic, oriental styles such as mandala or ornaments to extravagant styles such as the black peacock eye, the Caribbean flower temple or the emerald colored tiger. No design wish remains unfulfilled here!

Do you care about sustainability and fair processes when buying your harem pants? We got you! At paigh we ensure fair conditions for everyone involved in the production process. Our efforts have also been officially recognized by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) since 2019 and we are certified as a “Guaranteed Fair Trade Member”.

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