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Article: What we wanted to hear from our parents... when we turned out differently than they wanted us to.

zwei Kinder ziehen Grimassen

What we wanted to hear from our parents... when we turned out differently than they wanted us to.

When you were born

I was blown away

I think I found myself flying somewhere else

I was drunk, honestly. Didn't know what to say anymore, I was

unplugged, so to speak

But with one hundred and eighty percent sound experience.

Then you wheezed through your little nose

Something has awakened in me that was never there before

I have become a mother

whatever that means,

I think that's a synonym for: "I'll give up everything for you."

Because I want to be everything for you.”

In that moment I experienced what it felt like for the first time

when you love selflessly.

Every night without sleep made me do this

to see a little more of you than just during the day

and so tiredness is simply a physiological expression to say

“I spent my time in a much more valuable way than that

to sleep."

When you're angry and yelling at me

then it doesn't affect me

even if you insult me, because you are still a child

I forgive you for everything you ever do wrong

for now and for the future, you have a free pass for love, so to speak

that you don't have to pay.

I won't give myself up for you because that wouldn't be good for you

I give myself up for you because that really makes sense.

I like to invest in you, especially my time

Please don't ever think you're a drag on my leg

I take it as an honor to sit at home for you in the evening,

because whoever is my darling, I want to protect him warmly.

If I don't feel well, it's not your fault

sometimes I too open the door to wrong things

but don't bother with that-

I'll take care of you.

I promise you today, you'll never have to carry me

for I am your wings, your perch, your starting point

You don't owe me anything, I just want one thing

Be no one else at the core, be true to yourself at the core.

And when you go to school, I will continue to love you, with sixes and with ones.

When someone comes and hurts you

I hope for him, he also has a mother who will protect him from me...

and if you think you're not beautiful,

I let you you

see through my eyes.

I will never blame you for how much money you cost me, how much I cry because of you, or what people scoff at.

I never want to risk you crying through me out of heartbreak

“I’m sorry!” shouldn’t be a foreign phrase coming out of my mouth

I don't put myself above you.

I give a face to your greatness through honor and respect.

I value your worldview.

I leave what bothers me.

You are my mirror, I see in

Because what you are, I will probably be somewhere too

So if there's a problem, it's usually not you.

I want to take what you do to learn to change myself first.

You are the best child for me

the jackpot, so to speak

absolutely the main prize

By being there, you compensate me for all your “bad deeds”

and I am proud of you.

No matter whether you fit the mold or not, whatever society says

you are and remain my child

and everything, everything about you carries a deep meaning of life.

My list of good resolutions is long.

And unfortunately I also realize that I will probably make a lot of mistakes in everything I plan.

And so I hope that you kind of understand

that, even with my fallibility,

I do everything and do my best

and at any time.

Because parental love in its purest form

has lost her seed in my heart.

And I would never tell you otherwise, whatever path you choose.

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