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Loose kimonos made from 100% light viscose. 🌞
Wide and open cut with many possible combinations. 🥰
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Frau in gemustertem Kimono Lila Triumph von vorne Frau in gemustertem Kimono Lila Triumph von der Seite
Kimono Purple Triumph
Sale price59,99 €
Frau in gemustertem Kimono Blauer Triumph von vorneFrau in gemustertem Kimono Blauer Triumph von hinten
Kimono Blue Triumph
Sale price59,99 €
Sold outFrau in gemustertem Kimono Schwarzer Triumph von vorne Frau in gemustertem Kimono Schwarzer Triumph von der Seite
Kimono Black Triumph
Sale price59,99 €
Zwei lachende Frauen stehen umarmend vor einem blühenden Busch und tragen dabei zwei bunt gemusterte Haremshosen mit einem gelben Top

Buy airy and light kimonos

At paigh, everything revolves around fairness and comfort. That's why you can buy kimonos here that not only allow you to go through life in style, but literally in comfort and sustainability.

Our kimonos are not only as light as a feather and therefore perfect for hot summer days. They are also a fashionable expression of your personality. With their cheerful colors and cheeky designs, they make a statement: be yourself, be unique and have fun! Whether you wear them in everyday life, while watching TV, at festivals or just to relax, our kimonos are always an eye-catcher.

Not only do they stand for a relaxed look, they are also 100% ecological and fairly produced. We want to make your life as easy as possible, which is why our kimonos are super uncomplicated. With their soft fabric and airy cut, they adapt perfectly to your movements and let you float unhindered through the day. Whether you're going for a walk or just hanging out on the sofa, our kimonos accompany you in every situation. In the hot summer months, they are so airy on your body that you don't even feel the fabric.

Feel the freedom in the light and soft fabric of our paigh kimonos. With our kimonos you are perfectly equipped for an adventure. Colorful and modern designs make the paigh kimonos colorful, bright and unique. And when you travel: the kimono saves space and dries in a short time - making it the ideal travel companion!

Our Paigh Manufactory – Best production of our kimonos

We know that you want to buy sustainable and fair kimonos. At paigh, we attach great importance to ethical and sustainable production. Our kimonos are made with love and care by talented artisans in small workshops in Thailand. We support fairly paid working conditions and help strengthen local communities.

Lachende Frau in blauer Haremshose und weißem Top steht vor einer bunt bepflanzten Steinmauer

Kimonos Fair Trade certified by WFTO

There is nothing more important than good working conditions when producing our paigh kimonos. That is why we are certified by the WFTO, the World Fair Trade Organization. So when you buy your kimono, you can trust that the production is certified.