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Article: Aladin trousers for women: the cozy harem trousers

Aladin Hose Damen

Aladin trousers for women: the cozy harem trousers

If you like to be comfortable, they are the perfect piece of clothing: the Aladin trousers for women. It is inspired by the traditional dresses of the Middle East but is now worn all over the world.

What are the Aladin trousers for women? The Aladin trousers, also called Goa trousers, harem trousers, summer trousers or bloomers, are comfortable, airy trousers with a low crotch. You can find them in many colorful, unusual designs and made from different fabrics. Its diversity makes it a versatile piece of clothing for all occasions.

What are Aladin pants?

Actually, there is no one Aladin pair of trousers , but rather numerous variations. “Aladin pants” is simply an umbrella term for all loose harem pants. You can recognize the Aladin trousers by their loose cut with a low crotch. Added to this are the colorful designs that give it that certain hippie touch .

The term Aladin pants includes, among other things, harem pants, Goa pants, muck pants and bloomers. They all have one thing in common: they convey a feeling of freedom.

The history of Aladin trousers

The Aladin trousers are a garment with tradition. It comes from the Middle East and was originally known as “Shalwar” or “Salwar”. It used to be worn in countries such as India, Pakistan, Turkey and other Arab countries - equally by men and women. It was perfectly adapted to the hot climate of this region. Over time, their pleasant wearing comfort and their unique designs were able to establish themselves internationally. Rightly so, in our opinion. We love harem pants for women and men as a timeless piece of clothing . Who wants to have to choose between comfort and style? At least we don't - and the Aladin trousers relieve us of the agony of choice!

Aladin trousers women

Aladin trousers for women: a popular fashion trend

Harem pants have become more and more popular in recent years. There are many reasons for this:

  1. Incomparable comfort : There are hardly any trousers more comfortable than the Aladin trousers for women. Thanks to its wide cut, breathable fabrics and loose fit, it allows us a lot of freedom of movement. Even on hot days, your skin has enough air to breathe in cotton bloomers - perfect for anyone who doesn't like wearing short clothes but still doesn't want to sweat. Thanks to their legroom, they are also the perfect yoga pants and can withstand all kinds of exercises, no matter how unusual.
  2. Individuality : The Aladin trousers are available in countless designs, colors and patterns. That’s what makes them so diverse and special. Thanks to this large selection, you will definitely find the model that suits you exactly. This means that the Aladin trousers become an expression of your own taste, your individual personality and, if necessary, even your current mood. With the variety of styles that the Aladin trousers enable, you can reinvent yourself every day. So it never gets boring in the closet. The ideal piece of clothing for everyone who appreciates alternative clothing and wants to stand out from the crowd.
  3. A piece of culture in the wardrobe : women's harem pants are closely linked to the culture of the Middle East. It stands for freedom and an expression of non-conformism. We like to carry this piece of tradition with us and into the world.
  4. Suitable for every body type : There is hardly a piece of clothing that suits a wide range of body types as well as the Aladin trousers. It suits tall women, short women, men, children, fuller people as well as slim or sporty people. We love this inclusivity and are happy to be able to pass this fashion trend on to you.
  5. Suitable for every occasion : For the next yoga session, a cozy Sunday at home or even a fancier evening event - the Aladin trousers for women are available in so many styles that you can find the right model for every occasion. Just make sure to choose the right fabric and decide whether you prefer to wear printed harem pants or a solid color model. For example, jeans harem pants look more casual, viscose makes them airy, sporty yoga pants and with flower patterns or Indian patterns they exude holiday flair.
Aladin trousers women

Aladin trousers from paigh: fairly produced harem trousers for everyone

At paigh you will find a great selection of women's harem pants. So that everyone can find what they are looking for, in addition to the classic harem pants, we also have a long version , a short version , a plus size collection and children's harem pants on offer.

But what makes paigh harem pants so special?

  • Fair and sustainable production : We produce all of our garments under fair conditions. This has also been recognized by the World Fair Trade Organization since 2019 and paigh officially has the status of a “Guaranteed Fair Trade Member”. In addition to fair production conditions, we also pay attention to sustainability. Aside from the resource-saving materials used in the production of the harem pants, we also attach great importance to environmental friendliness when it comes to shipping. We use CO₂-neutral DHL GoGreen shipping and only use recyclable packaging material. This allows us to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible and our social impact as large as possible.
  • Variety of patterns, sizes and designs : You can find the paigh Aladin trousers for women in countless patterns, sizes and designs. From XS to 4XXL, in short or long and for the little ones, everything is there. The styles range from monochrome to oriental patterns to modern variations of traditional harem trousers - for example our “ Red Peacock Eye or the “Emerald Tiger”. You will find the perfect model to wear as yoga pants, to the next evening event or simply on a cozy evening at home.
  • More than just a piece of clothing : With paigh we bring you a piece of summer, sun, sunshine into your wardrobe. We don't just want to offer you a piece of clothing, but a feeling. Namely the feeling of vacation, freedom and that tingling feeling in your stomach when the stress of everyday life suddenly seems very far away. paigh is adventure, experience, cohesion, community and openness. It's all in our favorite handmade pieces. The Aladin trousers simply exude that certain lightness that we all want in everyday life.

Bloomers for women are a piece of clothing that we no longer want to be without. It brings vacation into our everyday lives, adds color to our wardrobe and creates a feeling of freedom, joy of life and individuality .

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