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Article: Birth – a slightly different kind of encouragement

Schwangere Frau läuft beim Sonnenuntergang am Strand entlang

Birth – a slightly different kind of encouragement

This article was originally supposed to be about the “individually perfect birth”. It should serve as an inspiration for you as a reader to visualize the type of birth that suits you most, that best supports your ideas and circumstances and offers you a safe environment in which you can give birth to your child according to your personal needs can bring. It was intended to be a kind of decision-making aid, but in the writing process my thoughts about birth itself took me so much deeper.

The purely medical and physical approach has left many women I have spoken with sometimes inexplicably unsatisfied. Any woman who has experienced childbirth will know what I'm talking about.

Birth is the physical experience of the end of a maturation process. The natural cycle of humans and nature, of humans in nature, humans as nature, flows in waves over and over again: seeding, implantation, growth, maturity, birth - and all over again.

Not only are our children and ourselves born this way, our emotional, mental and physical processes also essentially follow this pattern. All of this is embedded in the same cycle of growth and reproduction in animals and plants.

Every phase of a birth follows a certain pattern - even, for example, the possible postpartum depression, which is often viewed with suspicion, seems, when viewed up close, to be part of this mosaic: Do you know the feeling when you have finally achieved a big goal, that you have finally arrived? At the place of your destiny, you have finally passed an exam, you got married, separated or started a business - the inexplicable feeling of emptiness that may overcome you?

New beginning

It's done - what now? Everything is done, there the child is, you hold the fruit of your labors in your hands, look at the work done and a strange nostalgia overcomes you. You have to deal with that first! It happened, unbelievable. You've been working towards this for so long. It may well be that your mental system is overwhelmed by this sudden release. Especially the more strength and energy you have invested up to this point. It's nothing for a woman to judge herself for - these feelings can be part of the incarnation and are acceptable and natural.

The entire process of being human is subject to these laws and cycles, the deeper meaning of which can only be guessed at. But it is worth allowing this idea of ​​the all-encompassing oneness in the growth and birth process of all living things to take effect.

Imagine how different a woman in childbirth can be with herself and held in the world, with the deep awareness that the process taking place is an effect of living and growing within herself, something that every being in this world in the experiences and goes through one form or another in order to become what it is intended to be?

What a consciousness of power may flow through her, a perception of the stream of life, which also gives her the strength through the hormones to give birth to the new, to be a part of the fact that there is a future for us humans.

I recently read an article about how every woman's eggs that will be released throughout her life, cycle after cycle, are already laid out in her body when she grows as a four-month-old fetus in her mother's womb.

This means that the foundation of a new person's existence is already contained in his grandmother.

A wonder

Another calculation showed me that in order to be born you needed:

two parents

four grandparents

eight great-grandparents

sixteen second great-grandparents

thirty-two third great-grandparents

sixty-four fourth great-grandparents

one hundred and twenty-eight fifth great-grandparents

two hundred and fifty-six sixth great-grandparents

five hundred and twelve seventh great-grandparents

one thousand two hundred twenty-four eighth great-grandparents

two thousand forty-eight ninth great-grandparents

It took twelve previous generations for you to be born. Over the last four hundred years, it took four thousand ninety-four ancestors for you to be here today.

Just imagine: how many fights? Victories? Depressions? Joy, stories, adventure, courage, new attempts, faith, hope, sadness, overcoming and affirmation of life?

Your birth was a miracle. And if you are currently pregnant or want to become pregnant, the birth of your child is also a miracle. You are supported and held by countless stories of the generations before you - this is sober and down-to-earth and simply worth an astonished wow.

Yes, dealing with your wishes and needs for childbirth is unavoidable, very important and should not be underestimated - the better you can prepare, the safer you will feel during childbirth. Your health, along with that of your child, is our top priority.

The above, admittedly slightly philosophical thoughts are based on a deep knowledge that can help you immensely: All of life works the way you will soon. Do you remember when you were faced with a big challenge and didn't know how you were ever going to get through it? The high school diploma, the driving test, the presentation... and then you may have remembered that thousands of people before you have also achieved this. It may be the same for you now – not surprising, what a task! You can take courage, you are not alone. Nature knows what she is doing. And you can use this knowledge and relax into it.

If you would like to learn more about healthy eating, mindfulness or sustainability, check out more exciting blog articles on these topics here .


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