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Article: Harem pants: The pants with wide legs that are suitable for everyday use

Zwei Frauen mit Haremshosen lehnen an einer Mauer. Wie nennt man die Hose mit den weiten Beinen?

Harem pants: The pants with wide legs that are suitable for everyday use

Harem pants, trousers with characteristically wide legs, are more than just a piece of clothing - they are an expression of freedom and comfort. Its origin can be traced back to various cultures, but it is particularly well known in the oriental world. The wide legs not only offer unsurpassed comfort, but are also a symbol of the limitless freedom and effortless ease that this type of pants embodies.

Why do harem pants have wide legs? Harem pants have wide legs to provide maximum freedom of movement and comfort. This design feature reflects their historical roots in oriental clothing, where they still represent modesty and practical suitability for everyday use. The wide legs also allow for an airy and relaxed fit that is ideal for a variety of activities and styles.

The history of harem pants is closely linked to the creation of the paigh brand. Inspired by a trip through the north of Thailand, paigh wanted to translate the feeling of carefreeness and joy of life that the founders experienced on their travels into clothing. The harem pants, also known as paigh pants, were a central element. She accompanied the founders in a wide variety of environments - by the sea, in the mountains, in sunshine and in monsoon rain - and thus became the epitome of the paigh lifestyle.

The reason for the wide legs of harem pants lies not only in their origin and cultural significance, but also in their functionality. The width offers exceptional freedom of movement and makes the trousers an ideal companion for a wide range of activities. Whether relaxing at home, traveling or enjoying outdoor activities, harem pants are a versatile piece of clothing that adapts to any lifestyle.

Historical origin of harem pants

Known for their wide legs and comfortable cut, harem pants have a rich and diverse history dating back to ancient times . It has its origins in the clothing tradition of the Middle East and South Asia, where it was worn as an integral part of regional cultural clothing. The name “harem pants” comes from the Arabic word “harem,” which originally meant “forbidden place” and referred to the secluded living areas of women in a household. The popularity of trousers in these areas is due to their unique combination of freedom of movement and the preservation of traditional values ​​such as modesty and restraint.

Over the centuries, harem pants spread across cultural boundaries and were adapted into various shapes and styles. In the 19th century it reached Europe , where it initially gained attention as part of the Orientalist fashion movement. In the 20th century , it became a symbol of freedom and unconventionality, primarily through the hippie movement and its preference for exotic and free-spirited fashion.

Today, harem pants are a popular piece of clothing around the world, valued in both the casual and fashion industries . Their historical roots and connection to different cultures make them a special piece in the world of fashion, expressing both style and historical awareness.

Woman sits on the stairs. What do you call wide leg pants?

The harem pants in everyday life

Harem pants are a prime example of how wide-legged pants can be stylishly integrated into everyday life. Their loose fit and the light material, paigh 100% viscose , not only offer comfort, but also a wide range of styling options. These wide trousers are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're spending a leisurely day at home, heading out on the town or planning an elegant evening, these trousers will adapt to your lifestyle.

Diverse combination options

With their unique silhouette, harem pants offer a variety of combination options:

Casual and Comfortable:

  • Combine the harem pants with a simple t-shirt or a loose-fitting top.
  • Add a pair of comfortable sneakers or flat sandals.
  • For cooler days, a light cardigan or an oversized sweater is suitable.

Elegant and chic:

  • Wear the harem pants with an elegant blouse or a simple shirt.
  • Combine with sandals with heels or stylish loafers.
  • Accessories such as an elegant watch or a necklace can complete the outfit.

Bohemian flair:

  • Choose a colorful, patterned top or tunic that emphasizes the ethnic look.
  • Complete the outfit with sandals, ankle boots or espadrilles.
  • Long necklaces, bangles and earrings emphasize the bohemian style.


  • Combine the harem pants with a tight-fitting crop top or a sports shirt.
  • Sports shoes or minimalist sneakers complete the sporty look.
  • A baseball cap or headband can serve as a sporty accessory.

Beach and vacation look:

  • Wear the harem pants with a bikini top or a light beach top.
  • Flip-flops or barefoot for the ultimate beach feeling.
  • Complete the outfit with a straw bag and sunglasses.

These versatile combination options show how paigh's harem pants can adapt to any style and occasion without sacrificing comfort.

Material and wearing comfort

The material plays an essential role in emphasizing the special character of the harem pants. Paigh's use of 100% viscose ensures a light, airy feel and makes the trousers ideal for warmer days. Viscose is also known for its soft texture and flowing drape, which highlights the wide legs of the harem pants particularly well.

This combination of style, comfort and versatility has made harem pants a staple in many people's wardrobes. These wide-legged trousers impressively show that you don't have to sacrifice comfort or fashion. It proves that suitability for everyday use and stylish appearance can go hand in hand.

Woman wearing harem pants. What do you call wide leg pants?

Find the right harem pants

Finding the perfect harem pants can be an exciting journey that takes both your personal style and comfort into account. Here are some tips to choose the ideal harem pants for different occasions and preferences:

Which design for which occasion

  • Everyday wear: Simple, solid-colored harem pants are suitable for everyday use and can be easily combined with different tops.
  • Leisure Activities: Colorful patterns and vibrant colors bring joy and vibrancy to casual outfits.
  • Special occasions: More elegant models in darker colors or with subtle patterns are ideal for fancier events.

Harem pants as a fashion statement

Harem pants are not just a piece of clothing, but also a fashion statement. She represents a relaxed but conscious lifestyle. By choosing harem pants, you show your commitment to comfort, but also to sustainable and ethical fashion, as Paigh represents.

What to pay attention to when buying

  • Material: The quality of the material is crucial. 100% viscose, for example, offers a light and soft feel.
  • Fit: Make sure the pants fit comfortably and allow enough freedom of movement without being too loose or too tight.
  • Workmanship: Good seams and high-quality workmanship guarantee durability and comfort.
  • Sustainability: Check whether the trousers were manufactured under fair conditions, as is the case with paigh.

By considering these aspects, you can find harem pants that are not only fashionably appealing, but also reflect your values ​​and enrich your everyday life.

How do I properly care for my harem pants?

Proper care of your harem pants will ensure that they retain their beauty and quality over time. Here are some basic tips to best care for your harem pants made from materials like viscose :

Washing and cleaning

  • Gentle washing: It is best to wash your harem pants on a gentle cycle at a low temperature. Use a mild detergent that is suitable for delicate fabrics.
  • Avoid bleach: Bleach or harsh chemicals can damage the material and cause colors to fade.
  • Wash Separately: To avoid color transfer, wash your harem pants separately or with similar colors.

Drying and ironing

  • Air drying: It is best to air dry your harem pants. Avoid using a dryer as high temperatures can damage the fabric.
  • Iron carefully: If necessary, iron the trousers at a low temperature. Use a cloth between the iron and the fabric to avoid direct contact.


  • Avoid Wrinkles: Store your harem pants folded or on a hanger to avoid wrinkles.
  • Sunlight protection: Avoid direct sunlight when storing to prevent colors from fading.

Other tips

  • Stain Treatment: Treat stains immediately with a gentle stain remover before washing the pants.
  • Dealing with creases: Slight creases are normal with viscose. You can smooth these by gently ironing or steaming.

By following these care instructions, you can ensure the longevity and beautiful appearance of your harem pants and enjoy them for a long time.

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