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Article: Pregnancy – contact with your child in the womb

Vater und Mutter halten Ultraschallbild in den Händen

Pregnancy – contact with your child in the womb

During your pregnancy you will surely encounter again and again the deep desire to be able to be very close to your child right now. You wish you could cuddle it and kiss it and look into its eyes. What will it look like? You are excited and look forward to your little offspring more with each additional week of pregnancy.

It is an incredible miracle - not to say THE miracle of human existence: a new person is created in the body of another. A mixture of two people who have become physically and perhaps also emotionally close... together with all the characteristics that the new person brings with them and that make them so unique.

As your pregnancy progresses, it may become increasingly clear to you how meaningful it is... you stand for life with your body, you create and give birth to life, something new arises from within you - something that has never existed before. You can definitely feel awe and amaze you again and again. In moments like these you might sense something of this great secret that says: You are so, so important - and at the same time a very small part of something much bigger. What a wonderful paradox that you can philosophize about with a friend over a cup of tea.

Feel deeper

Such thoughts are among other ways you can get close to your child. You deal intensively with the miracle of life, with your body and how it is connected to your baby. You are constantly aware of what great work your body is doing. Talk about it with your friends as much as you like! It is a particularly precious time and it will never come again with this baby. You have every right in the world to only talk about yourself, the child and the pregnancy if you feel like it - especially with your first child, this will be met with understanding in those around you and good friends are more than willing to get together to be happy with you about all the details.

Another wonderful thought is that, especially during pregnancy, you are more deeply connected to your baby than ever before and never since! Even if you can't see it yet, it is an immediate part of you. It is nourished by you and you form a perfect symbiosis. Your partner will also only feel a fraction of what you and your child experience together.

You don't miss a step or a movement, you feel the child's sleeping and waking times and find out whether he or she already has a kind of rhythm during the day. To which foods might it react differently? How does it move when you change positions or rub your belly? Your child is completely safe and secure with you. It experiences closeness, oneness and wholeness on this deep level that we often long for so much. Your child is experiencing this happiness right now – through you and with you.

Strengthen the inner connection

If you want, you can take a few minutes a day to connect deeply with your baby: Sit or lie down comfortably and feel within yourself. Imagine that everything you send to your child in terms of love and feelings reaches deep in his heart and takes root. It has been proven that even during pregnancy, a basis is laid for whether and how a little person will later feel at home, safe and cared for in the world. You can convey just as much to him through your love as if you looked into his eyes and stroked his head.

When you feel love for your child, you release love and bonding hormones that spread through your child's body. This is how it receives your messages on a biological and also on a psychological level.

Involve the family

You can also contact your baby by giving him a name. Don't worry, if you haven't found one yet, that's not a problem and a pet name will do the same! But if you already know what it should be called and call it by its name, this can do a lot for yourself. Day by day you become more aware that the little person is already there and is only separated from your five senses by a thin abdominal wall. It has already arrived in the middle of family life and plays a key role.

Partners and siblings can also feel wonderfully emotionally attached to the new family member if they can call them by name. You can discuss together what it should be called, or even ask the baby yourself - who knows, maybe you'll get an "answer"! In the future, if he/she moves and kicks in the stomach or doesn't let you sleep, you can tell your family what he/she is doing and what you are experiencing with him/her. So everyone can rejoice together with you.

The common path

Another wonderful way is to keep imagining that you and your baby are preparing together to finally be able to touch and see each other. The birth connects you in advance. Both the child and you will have a shared experience that is reserved only for the two of you, is unique anywhere in the world and will change you both forever. Big words, but that's how it is! Your bodies are already preparing for this day, your uterus is already going into practice phases in the slightly later stage of pregnancy, which are called practice contractions. Your breasts are preparing for breastfeeding, you may already see a drop of premilk. Your child diligently practices living outside the womb with movements and growth.

You two are already having a unique, intimate time together. Your attention to your child is already invaluable. You can take all the time in the world and concentrate and focus entirely on the two of you - both in terms of your physical and emotional needs.

If you would like to find out more about family and pregnancy, mindfulness, nutrition or sustainability, check out more exciting blog articles on these topics here .


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