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Article: Sustainability apps: part 1

Frau schaut auf ihr Handy

Sustainability apps: part 1

Do good from your cell phone? Ensure less food is wasted? Get companies to use less plastic in their products? All of this is possible! With certain apps related to the topic of sustainability.

Mobile phone apps are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about sustainable living. But they can be really helpful! With just a few clicks you can get interesting information, donate a small amount or help the environment in another way. The best-known example of a sustainability app is probably Ecosia . The search engine works like Google - except that every time you search, you help plant trees. That's pretty cool, I think. In addition to Ecosia, there are of course other exciting apps. Of all the sustainability apps I've tested so far, I'd like to share my 12 favorites with you. So that the post doesn't get too long, I've divided it into two parts. I will introduce you to the first six apps in this article. Here you can get to the second part , where you will find six more great sustainability apps.

All apps presented are available for both Android and iPhone.

1. Too Good To Go

Sustainability Apps Icon Too Good To Go With this free app you can save food that would otherwise end up in the trash. The app shows you restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and cafés in your area where you can pick up a little surprise. This surprise includes food that was left over that day - be it groceries, baked goods or whole dishes such as salads. You get all of this for a fraction of what you would pay under normal circumstances. An example: I recently only paid 3.50 euros for a bag of mixed baked goods worth 9.00 euros at my local bakery!

This is how it works: The app shows you a list and map of available offers in your area. Once you have found an offer that interests you, you can “reserve” it. All you then have to do is pick it up from the selected business at the specified time (which is usually shortly before closing time). And now we have a win-win-win situation: the sellers are happy, you are happy, the environment is happy!

2. Code Check

CodeCheck icon

CodeCheck is an app that allows you to take a closer look at products before you go shopping, allowing you to shop more consciously and sustainably . You receive information about the ingredients of a product. You will also be told how questionable or harmless these ingredients are for the environment. More sustainable alternative products will be suggested to you and comments from other users about the respective product will be displayed. The app really recognizes a lot of products. In addition to pure product recognition and the provision of information about various products, the app also provides topic-relevant articles free of charge. In the free version of the app you have access to all information, but you will occasionally receive small advertising banners and need internet access to use the app . CodeCheckPro costs just under 20 euros a year. In the Pro version, an offline mode is available and there are no more ads. Personally, I use the app a lot for cosmetic products and make-up.

This is how it works: Simply scan the product's barcode in the app and the existing information about the product appears.

3. GreenTime

Green time icon

GrünZeit is a free app from the Schleswig-Holstein Consumer Center. It provides information on local and seasonal vegetables and fruits . She wants to make purchases and their planning easier. The app is a real help, especially for someone like me, who grew up with a very diverse selection of fruits and vegetables in the supermarket all year round! At a glance you can see which foods have a low, medium and high climate impact. This way you can go shopping in a climate-conscious manner.

This is how it works: Open the app, select the month (or the desired type of fruit or vegetable from the list) and get information!

4. Plant Jammer

Plant Jammer Icon

I originally got this app because I wanted to incorporate more vegetables into my diet. The app helps you create suitable recipes based on the types of vegetables you can choose yourself. This not only ensures that more vegetables end up on your plate, but also means that less food is wasted. The app is very clear and simple. However, you always notice that the expressions were translated from English, which doesn't really bother me personally. I like the ability to create a weekly meal plan. This way I can shop more specifically without having a lot of leftovers at the end of the week. The app is free , but this version contains advertising. Plant Jammer Prime costs around 25 euros per year.

This is how it works: You first select a goal (“Eat more vegetables” / “Stop food waste” / “Save time and money” etc.) and then you can either use suggested recipes or enter your own ingredients, based on which a suitable recipe is then created becomes. You can of course adapt the recipe to suit your own needs.

5.Replace Plastic

Replace Plastic Icon

The Replace Plastic App is an initiative of “Coast Against Plastic”. The association campaigns for less plastic in the seas and on the coasts . Because packaging plays a major role in littering, Replace Plastic wants to help ensure that fewer products are unnecessarily packaged and sold in plastic. Plastic packaging is often used because manufacturers believe that this is what consumers want. But that's not always true. The app informs product manufacturers that consumers want packaging without plastic. The app is free .

Here's how it works: Have you found a product that you think would work without plastic packaging? Simply scan the product's barcode in the app. By clicking on “Send improvement request” the provider is informed that consumers want plastic-free packaging. Products that are not yet registered in the database can be added yourself with just a few details.

6. letsact

letsact icon

A wonderful app that supports social projects . If you would like to volunteer but don't know exactly what is offered in your area, this app is just right for you. Various projects will be presented to you and you will immediately receive information about what your involvement would look like and how much time you would have to plan. I think it's great that there are also projects that you can help with from home. The app is free .

This is how it works: The app searches for projects based on your specified location or various selected categories (“environment and animal welfare” / “education” / “refugees” / “poverty and hunger” and much more). Once you have found a project that meets your expectations, you can send the relevant organization a request with just a few clicks. There is also the option to support a variety of NGOs with donations directly via the app.

I look forward to introducing you to more sustainability apps in the second part !

If you would like to find out more about the topics of sustainability, mindfulness or healthy eating, take a look here


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Vielen lieben Dank für diese tolle Übersicht und deine App-Vorschläge!
Hab mir gleich zwei davon runtergeladen. :)


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