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Article: Yin and Yang - The Law of Polarity

Yin und Yang – Das Gesetz der Polarität | paigh | Fair & gemütlich

Yin and Yang - The Law of Polarity

After we have already looked at the Law of attraction i would like to devote myself today to another universal law: The law of polarity. To introduce this law, I would like to refer to a phenomenon of physics. I know you're thinking, "Oh, no I think I'm out". But don't worry, this won't be a physics lesson - I promise! So, let's get started

Let's take a brief look at "wave-particle dualism". This is a kind of scientific term for the law of polarity. The wave-particle dualism is "a realization of quantum physics, according to which the objects of quantum physics must be attributed the properties of classical waves as well as those of classical particles" (Wikipedia). This means nothing other than that we cannot say exactly whether light quanta are waves or particles. Depending on the type of measurement, different properties appear - waves and particles thus both appear to be present. Interesting, isn't it? But what does this have to do with the law of polarity?

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The law of polarity

The law of polarity says: Everything can be separated into two completely opposite parts, each still containing the potential of the other. Everything in this world is made of opposites. There are always two poles that are mutually dependent

So that means, to paraphrase physics, that particles have the potentiality of waves, and waves have the potential of particles. White also has black, slow is also fast, and depth exists along with height. The same goes for elation and depression, kindness and cruelty, generosity and stinginess and so on..

Like Yin and Yang, everything consists of polar opposite principles or forces, which nevertheless relate to each other and do not fight each other but complement each other

So nothing is just beautiful or just tragic. It is not possible to have one without the other. Think about it: Are there good parts of you? Yes. Are there bad parts of you? Yes. Of course there are There's good and evil in all of us. No person is either all good or all evil. To call things good or bad helps us to make things tangible and to be able to talk about them. But the division into opposites, into "either or", makes us see everything in black and white. It distances us from the origin, from love, from unity.

Everything is both

So if we can feel a negative emotion and recognize the same and at the same time opposite positive emotion that co-exists with this negative emotion, then the negative emotion is no longer a negative emotion but love

Let us imagine an example to illustrate this: Suppose your partner separates from you. You love him/her wholeheartedly, the separation is not a nice experience for you. You feel anger, rage, sadness, maybe jealousy or self-doubt... But if you ask yourself "I am sad because I loved him/her and now he/she is gone. But what can I see positive about this situation? What can I be happy about?"

Maybe your partner was stingy, and you weren't at all. That slowed you down and you couldn't spend your money the way you wanted to. Maybe your partner was controlling and very jealous, making you feel restricted

Do you understand what I mean?

For every reason you are sad, there is a reason to be happy. This may be a very rational and uncomfortable thought (after all, in a situation like this, you just want to be sad and angry for the time being, don't you?) But if you can see life from this perspective, you are much more balanced and also your feelings are more in balance.

Every time you feel an extreme emotion, you create the opposite in the same form. When you realize that one-sidedness is only an illusion and not the truth, then you can see the world as it really is: a completely balanced system.

If you allow yourself to perceive both sides at the same time (the whole, i.e. the positive and the negative), then you open yourself to the universe and can see its perfect sophistication. Everything contains its opposite. Everything is love.

This is the essence of the law of polarity.

Creation and destruction

So the universe is creator and destroyer at the same time. Stars explode every second. But every death of a star also means that new planets, new solar systems and new life is created

Destruction creates creation and creation ultimately creates destruction.

We are used to having ONE point of view. It is often very difficult for us to take another (opposite) view at the same time. It feels unfamiliar or even painful. And nobody claims that polarity is always easy. But if we manage to perceive both poles more often at the same time - then we can see the truth.

Do you agree with this view? Or do you see the whole thing differently? Share your opinion with us in the comments under this post!

If you would like to learn more about spirituality and mindfulness, healthy eating or sustainability, take a look here over.

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