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Children harem pants Seo Text

For our little ones, it usually comes down to the essentials. Play, fun and good mood. To have a lot of freedom and a good feeling while playing and romping, the paigh harem pants are also available for children in many different sizes. But not only the loose fit and the elastic cuffs at the hips and ankles are great as play pants with room to grow in, also the bright colors and paigh patterns inspire our little ones right away and provide the extra portion of good mood. Whether in a partner look with the big ones or individually in their own favorite pattern, paigh has something for everyone!

The paigh kids harem pants are handmade in the north of Thailand in a small family-run business. The tailors receive fair wages and work under the best fair wages and work under the best conditionsLearn more about the background and specialties of our manufactory and get to know us better.