Blue Peacock Scarf

49,90 €
Product overview
  • 100% viscose (from natural raw materials)
  • PETA-Approved Vegan
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Fair wages: paigh is a member of WFTO
  • Dimensions: 110cm x 175cm
  • Printed on one side
  • Versatile use
  • Please note our care instructions



Much more than just a scarf

Our most popular pattern, the great "Peacock Eye", is now finally available on the paigh pareo scarf! The 110 x 175 cm large scarf offers a lot of space, and so the great pattern with its filigree details comes into its own.

If you are out and about a lot, you have to be prepared for a lot. With our pareo scarf you have a real all-rounder at your side. A sudden cloud cover and a fresh wind on your walk? Snuggle up into your big, soft scarf and wait relaxed until the sun comes out again.

Or did you underestimate the sun and it won't stop sizzling on your head? The pareo as light Headgear keeps you cool and protects you from sunburn

You have discovered a beautiful forest clearing on your walk and would like to take a break? Spread out your scarfmake yourself comfortable in the sun and let your soul dangle.

Your paigh scarf will make your life a little easier, a lot more comfortable and it will also look adorable - one scarf, many possibilities.

Your scarf is lovingly handmade under fair wages and best working conditions . You want to know more about our manufactory? Have a look at our production site in the beautiful part of northern Thailand.

Please note: The colors of the light viscose fabric can change their intensity depending on the incidence of light. In the sunlight, for example, the colors shine differently than at home on the sofa. Please also take this into consideration when viewing our product images.

“With our products we want to bring more love into our society and environment. We help where we can. That’s what we stand for and every person who supports us.“

Winding techniques

Shipping & Returns
  • Versandkostenfrei in Deutschland ab 50 €

    (approx. 1-3 working days)

  • Versandkostenfrei Rest EU ab 75 €

    (ca. 3-7 Werktage)

  • Versandkostenfrei Schweiz & United Kingdom (UK) ab 100 €

    (ca. 3-7 Werktage)

    Weitere Informationen zu Rücksendungen erhältst du hier. 

Wir versenden unsere Produkte klimaneutral und verwenden 100% recyclebares, platzsparendes Verpackungsmaterial.

Care instructions

Beachte bitte, dass die Textilien bei der ersten Wäsche etwas Farbe verlieren können. Wasche deine neuen Teile alleine oder mit farbunempfindlichen Sachen. Du kannst zusätzlich auch ein Farbfangtuch bei den ersten Wäschen verwenden, wenn du dir unsicher bist.

Beachte bitte auch:

  • Vor dem ersten Tragen waschen!
  • Maschinenwäsche: Feinwaschprogramm o.Ä. bei max. 30° C
  • Nicht bleichen
  • Nur mit geringer Drehzahl schleudern
  • Nicht im Wäschetrockner trocknen
  • Bügeln: Nur mit geringer Temperatur
  • Nicht chemisch reinigen

Hier findest du unsere detailllierten Pflegehinweise.

Übrigens: paigh-Modestücke aus Viskose trocknen super schnell, was vor allem auf Reisen sehr nützlich sein kann!

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