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Article: Is there constant clutter in your home? Simple & quick tidying tips

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Is there constant clutter in your home? Simple & quick tidying tips

We all know that a messy environment can also lead to a mess in the mind. If we tidy up a little every day, we save a lot of time and stress on cleaning days. So today I would like to give you a few tips for tidying up that are quick and easy to implement.

Sometimes there is so much to do in everyday life that we jump from one task to the next. It quickly happens that after a short time nothing is where it belongs. The laundry is piling up, all the odds and ends are gathering in this one corner and our home is literally sinking into chaos. This can create a feeling of being overwhelmed – even in our heads. On the other hand, if we manage to keep our surroundings tidy, then there is more space in our heads. It is easier for us to tackle the everyday challenges between household, professional and private life.

5 tidying tips – quick, easy and for every day

1. Everything has its place

First things first: everything should have its own place. And when I say everything, I really mean every item. If something doesn't have a fixed place in your home, you move it from right to left and back to right. It's always in a place where it's actually a bit annoying.

This tip may sound too simple, but it is super essential. Find a place for whatever item you have lying around on any surface. Cleaning up will be quicker and easier for you in the long run - because you know where everything belongs.

To make things a little easier, you can get baskets, boxes, folders or drawers. Even small things can find their place here without your shelves looking untidy.

2. Clean out regularly (it's not as bad as you think!)

Oh yes, believe me, I'm totally with you. Decluttering is no fun, it's tiring and costs a lot of nerves. The solution: A fixed appointment every 2-3 months where you take half a day or a whole day to clear out your belongings. Because if you clean out regularly, you only have a little to do at a time. It doesn't feel as overwhelming and you're more motivated because there's an end in sight.

Go through your things; Be it clothes, electrical appliances, decorative items or pantry cupboards – find out what you really need and what is just lying around with you and no longer serves any purpose for you. To do this, you can open a glass of wine, turn on some music or a podcast, or even invite a friend to support you.

The things you clear out can make other people very happy. Whether you donate your clothing or food supplies to those in need, or resell your belongings online or at a flea market, there are plenty of options, so there's no need to throw anything away (unless the item is truly no longer usable).

I know you have things at home that you don't really need... Am I right? So do. it. simply. :)

3. A decent bed works wonders

Now let's get to the tips that you can actually implement every day.

Making the bed in the morning – This is definitely not the first time you’ve heard this. But it's true that a made bed can do a lot. For me it is now part of my morning routine and helps me get my day off to a good start!

Even if the rest of the bedroom is messy, a tidy, prepared bed immediately puts you in a good mood. When you make your bed every morning, you immediately feel like you've accomplished something and been productive.

It really doesn't take long. And when you come home in the evening or enter the bedroom again after a day in the home office, you just feel good when you look at a made bed. Treat yourself to this little magic!

Cat lies on a bed

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

4. The one habit that changes everything

Do you know that moment after you've used an item, you stop for a moment and think: "Do I put this away now or later?" Let me guess – you choose the latter? If so – I feel for you. 😅

From a young age, whenever a situation like this arose (whether it was cleaning up, a phone call, or some other obligation), my father would say, “Just do it now.” And in most cases, it only takes a few seconds to minutes to complete the task. It's only in the last few years that I've gotten into the habit of actually implementing this advice.

But I still can't do it every time, especially when it comes to tidying up. Sometimes it's just too tempting to crash on the couch or move on to the next to-do. “Oh, I’ll just do that later,” I think to myself. However, when “later” happens, I regret it. A lot accumulates and cleaning up suddenly takes three times as long...

So if you tidy up your workspace now or put away used items now, you are giving your future self time. And that's what we all need, right?

What can also help is to give yourself a time window in which to clean up the object/your surroundings, e.g. “I put this away within 24 hours.” In doing so, you are making a small commitment to yourself. This can help to actually put the plan into action.

5. Tips for the kitchen & bathroom

The kitchen in particular is a place where chaos quickly breaks out. But here too, there are a few things you can get into the habit of doing to clear the mess faster and without much effort.

What has made the biggest difference for me is being able to get things done while cooking, baking, or generally being in the kitchen. While the cake is in the oven, the baking utensils can be rinsed off. While the curry is simmering on the stove, ingredients that have already been used can disappear back on the shelf. While the coffee machine is running in the morning or my porridge is bubbling away on the stove, the dishwasher can be unloaded. Even better if I put on a podcast or music or talk to my mother on the phone. Then the annoying tidying up will fly by.

Speaking of mom, one thing she taught me is to wipe down counters regularly. If they are clean, the entire kitchen appears much tidier. It has now become an absolute habit to give it a quick wipe after every time I use any surface. It only takes seconds and so I don't run the risk of anything getting stuck or of insects being attracted, especially in summer.

Even in the bathroom - the place we all least like to clean - it can help to clean a little every day. Rinse off again briefly after showering. Or just wiping the sink after brushing your teeth or washing your face. When the “real” cleaning day arrives, you have significantly less work to do because hardly anything has really stuck.

What am I trying to get at?

As you can see, in the end it's all about doing a little something every day so that you can save nerves and time later. We want to leave our surroundings tidier than we found them.

If all of these things still feel overwhelming to you, it may help to write and post a small checklist . This can also help your roommates, children or your partner to gradually build up these habits.

Because actually it doesn't matter much once it becomes a habit. It won't affect you; in fact, it will even give you time.

Which of these tips will you try out or incorporate more into your everyday life? ☺️

If you would like to learn more about sustainability, healthy eating, mindfulness or family and pregnancy, check out more exciting blog articles on these topics here .

tidy shelf in the kitchen with bowls and decorations

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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