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Article: Help, I'm pregnant! And now?! A text for everyone who has decided to get pregnant - and is happy and scared at the same time.

schwangere Frau hält ihren Bauch – schwanger was jetzt

Help, I'm pregnant! And now?! A text for everyone who has decided to get pregnant - and is happy and scared at the same time.

The test strip in your hand speaks a clear language.
Trembling inside, you watched as the second stripe appeared on the horizon of the tiny window, completely changing the view of your world from one second to the next.

Everything changes, from one moment to the next. The cards are remixed.
Isn't that a bit too much? There were plans! Dreams! Events!
And the situation! How on earth am I supposed to do this, you ask?
In the days following the news, the cold terror comes over you again and again. Yes, the decision has been made. Yes, somehow it will work, you try to calm yourself down. But in the evening you lie in bed sweating and can't fall asleep. Your body is changing. You feel different within yourself. Where can you find peace, a break from the process, if not even in your own body? In a few months you will also have the borderline experience of birth - whether you have experienced one before or not, it is unique every time and you sense that this is just the beginning. Your female intuition senses: This is not fun that you will take lightly. This situation requires everything from you. Whatever this mysterious “everything” may be.


The other side of your emotions also communicates within you.
A little life is actually growing inside you. Is not that incredible? Incomprehensible? Wonderful? Because of you, something that is so much bigger than you is allowed to happen. You may even feel awe. Awe at your very own feminine power that allows you to actually bring life into the world. A new person. Through you. With you. In you. If you can do THAT, then everything else that will ever come your way - or not?

What power that contains. Your body knows exactly what to do. He makes the right decisions that are good for you and your baby. Maybe you'll stop smoking. Maybe you feel a sudden alignment arise within you that says: Now I'm finally cleaning up my social environment, that was long overdue: This relationship is harming me, that contact is not good for me, I don't feel like being here anymore, always to have the same discussions again. I'm pregnant now. I have better things to do.
Your hormones support you in mental processes that are important at this time. Maybe your inner space will expand. You are more willing to ask for help or feel the desire to deepen your existing relationships. Maybe you just want to sleep and allow yourself every free second to recharge.
Maybe you're as fit as a fiddle and want to really thrive in your work - especially now :-)


Nonetheless, the questions remain. Do I have to set myself back too much? What about all my dreams? Do I have to become altruistic now? Will I become one of those people who, caught in the trap of work-life balance, are desperately trying to balance family and free time at the limit of their strength? Will I be too selfish? Or even give up on myself completely? What about the rest of my life? How does this situation affect my social relationships? Will my friends still want to meet me if I come to meetings with a baby? What about how my body feels? What about the themes, eros, love, freedom, personality?

I invite you:
This experience is a celebration of life to which you are personally invited.
Everything you feel at the moment is part of the program. Everything. Every desperate thought, every tear of joy. Anger, fear, enthusiasm, doubt and trust. This is a rollercoaster – and it will strengthen your mental circulation.
If you like, make yourself comfortable as often as possible in a place where you feel safe - and experience everything that is going on inside you. Breathe in and out deeply, open up and relax your muscles... expand to welcome each sensation. It is your life. YOUR pregnancy. Your feelings. Each of them has the right to be there. Nobody can and should forbid you to love your new little miracle beyond measure and at the same time to be angry with it - or not to feel anything at all. To surrender or hold on.
Whatever you are experiencing right now, it is right. It is good. It is yours.
There is no agenda for being pregnant. Pregnancies are, on the one hand, one of the most natural processes of being human and, on the other hand, an absolute exceptional condition.
You're doing fine. With all my heart.

If you would like to find out more about the topics of family, pregnancy, mindfulness, nutrition or sustainability, take a look here .


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Toller Artikel, danke dafür! :-)


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