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Article: The feeling of your body during pregnancy - how it changes and how you can enjoy it

Das Körpergefühl in der Schwangerschaft - wie es sich verändert und wie du es genießen kannst 

The feeling of your body during pregnancy - how it changes and how you can enjoy it

Pregnancy changes almost everything in your body. After every single day, nothing is the same as it was before.

For many women this is a big challenge, others love watching the ball grow.

The topic of femininity in today's Western world is strongly influenced by ideals and many women are under pressure from external expectations of female role models. They wonder what becoming a mother will take from them, including physically.

The temptation to compare with others is always present in everyday life and also in social media and shows again and again how it supposedly should be. If the body does not return to its original shape quickly enough after birth, the question arises not only about expectations, but also about one's own identity: We are body, soul and spirit and the body plays an important role in our self-perception Role.

Our experiences, beliefs, joy and suffering, all of this is stored in our body cells. Pregnancy and childbirth also change one's general existence, and not just on the surface. So how can we cope when our bodies have such a drastic experience? Is it possible to prepare for this and make the transition to a new way of life gentle? Does everything have to be overturned, will I really not recognize myself again?

There is no general answer to all of these questions. Every person's experience is so individual that it is hardly possible to open a certain drawer and find a suitable recipe. Therefore, the approach of inspiration for new thoughts that can form within you according to your taste makes the most sense:

If you want, you can weave and let the following ideas work within you:

Your body performs a miracle - and it is a sign of your femininity, not the opposite of it

Your body was specially designed by nature to conceive, carry and bring a baby into the world. He was never meant to be molded, forcibly changed and pressured.

Femininity is not reflected in the size of your hips, the absence of stretch marks, or your dress size. It seems truly absurd that so many women base their sense of femininity on what society and advertising judges them to be, rather than what is naturally built within them.

As a woman, you define femininity individually for yourself. If you identify as a woman and your body experiences pregnancy, this is part of your personal femininity. If you have a natural birth or a cesarean section, if you breastfeed or choose not to, if your body changes a lot or hardly at all, then this is part of your personal femininity. No one has this experience like you. No one who is with you or gives you their love has the right to demand anything other than what is naturally happening within you, in your body, soul and spirit at this time .

You now have the chance to focus once and for all on the things that are really important to you

Pregnancy creates a new consciousness in your body. It may or may not be the case that through this process you begin to think radically differently about certain topics than you have previously done.

Some women were previously very focused on what others thought of them. During pregnancy they develop into expressive, impressive, beautiful wild women who suddenly realize that they have rights, that it doesn't matter what others think about them, that they no longer allow anyone to have control over them and their decisions or can adjust her body.

Others are taking a deep look at who they want to be for the first time. They come into contact with their needs, desires and boundaries because their body, through hormones, change and special circumstances, sends sensitive signals about what it needs.

In addition, the time of pregnancy can also be a space for deep self-reflection, calm and new direction. It doesn't have to be the case that you have to practice even more self-sacrifice as a woman with a family or a baby. On the contrary: you can use the family room to learn, to take space, to help shape reality and to stand up for everything you need.

Of course, the connection to your baby is also one of the most important processes in your soul and body. Here you can be inspired by the thought that because of you, your child has everything, really everything, that he or she needs at this point in time. You are your baby's whole world, the ideal living space, pure security. Your body works successfully to be a warm home of security in which your child can develop. Let this natural process encourage you to develop a deep instinct for your role as a mother that will guide you in what your child needs.

You grow beyond yourself

Through your pregnancy and birth you will have the valuable experience of being capable of so much more than you previously believed. Regardless of whether it is the first child or another child/pregnancy - every time you experience it, not only for this area but for your entire life, how incredibly powerful and strong you are, what a miracle it is to be human brings. You are the guardian and giver of life, you create new things, you actually create reality that did not exist before.

When the miracle of change and transformation takes place in your body, you can experience that the widespread focus on old-fashioned, backward-looking, rejuvenating existence is not tempting. Rather, people strive for something new, for further development, for moving forward. Growing up, the maturation process of your personality can take on a very special shine if you commit to finding it.

It should not be confused with accepting a monotonous everyday life with tasks that you will not like and a feeling in your body that seems unfeminine and unerotic to you. On the contrary. If you want, you can find a whole new depth and unprecedented fulfillment in all of these areas, and changing your body can take you in an incredibly exciting direction of self-knowledge and self-realization.

Reinvent yourself. Decide what is important to you. What you find beautiful. Who you want to be. Experience this time as yours. Your body is your sanctuary and this time can be sacred to you, regardless of how other people talk about family, pregnancy and birth. Find the inspiration that suits you and your living heart and discover a new freedom in designing your life the way you like it - just the way your child grows, thrives and learns every day.

I wish you a wonderful, fulfilling pregnancy and a powerful birth!

If you would like to find out more about the topics of family, pregnancy, mindfulness, nutrition or sustainability, take a look here .


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