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Article: Pregnancy - What gift will my child bring for me?

Schwangere Frau

Pregnancy - What gift will my child bring for me?

Quite a lot going on!

Pregnancy is in itself a profoundly changing process - anyone who has experienced this themselves or witnessed it in a loved one can agree with this. Pregnancy changes everything - in biochemistry, in perception, in the perspective of one's own life and often deep into one's values ​​and character.

Pregnancy makes us examine pretty much everything – how do I want to live? Who do I want to be in this world, for myself, for my child? Does my current life fit with what will inevitably follow in the future? What changes do I want or need to make? How does the new situation suit me – and how do I suit her?

During pregnancy you may even encounter deeper questions and doubts such as “who am I really?” After all, you are taking on a completely new role, growing into an unknown area of ​​responsibility and the body in which you live is also increasingly changing. All of this is new territory for you.

But you are not alone. There are not only people at your side who support you, but also someone right next to you, with you, in you, who is entering new territory just like you - your child will encounter this world for the very first time and everything that they have experienced since the beginning of their life Existence experienced is completely new. Isn't that exciting? Off to new shores together.

So much movement.

Now this can be quite formidable. Nothing stays the same - wow. You are on a journey into the unknown - especially with yourself. It is worth keeping a positive view of the situation and seeing what gift could be behind all the challenges!

The gift

Because this child changes you - and will strike chords within you that you have never heard before.

A friend told me some time ago that she always stands by in amazement when she witnesses her friends' pregnancies: several times, for example, she has observed how quiet, shy women have become true lionesses. Because clearly, there is now something worth showing up for, standing up for, and getting loud about!

I, too, experienced profound developments in my being - each child had a very special gift for me, so to speak:

My first daughter teaches me every day to never lose my wild, rebellious side - she challenges me every day to face conflict, to use my voice, not to run away and, above all, to be authentic - she hates it, when I play something for her. She immediately responds to my inauthentic behavior with deep contempt and becomes rude to me. In moments like this she feels like I'm really kidding her. I have learned to view this as a blessing. My daughter is a reflection of what I want to change about myself and helps me to become more and more of the person I want to be.

My son is teaching me to let my soft side shine and to give up excessive self-protection. With his arrival in my life, I became a gentle sheep - when he looks at me, I am completely with him and lose any harshness that sometimes causes me to be emotionally aloof.

Now I'm pregnant for the third time - and I already have the feeling that I'll never be the same again.

Let's use the gifts!

The gift that my third child carries for me feels like it unfolds everything in me that I have been looking for for years, that which has always remained hidden, a strength, clarity, a new maturity, serenity, trust... characteristics develop that I It feels like I could never have developed it alone.

Our children are incredible - they help us develop exactly the qualities they need from us to start this life healthy and safe. When we recognize, accept and use these gifts, we are

“the best parents for the best children.”

This perspective helps me immensely. It reminds me that I don't have to do things alone - there is always an interaction with my environment. I am the best person for the best situation. The best mother for the best child. The best partner for the best partner. Whenever things get particularly challenging, it helps me not to give up:

The person, the situation, the child has a gift for me and I can unpack it and learn to use it. Every challenge, no matter how much it pushes me to my limits, is there to understand the gift more deeply, to immerse myself in it personally and to give the maximum blessing back to my counterpart through my development.

What an exciting journey.

If you like, take a closer look at yourself: What buttons do your children/friends/partner keep pushing for you? What triggers you, challenges you, moves you deeply and changes you to the core? Who and what doesn't let you stay the way you were before?

Welcome to your new job – let yourself be surprised at which gift you can unwrap this time.

If you would like to find out more about the topics of family, pregnancy, mindfulness, nutrition or sustainability, take a look here .


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