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Article: Styling ideas for your new paigh harem pants

paigh Haremshose Style am Strand
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Styling ideas for your new paigh harem pants

Are you waiting with anticipation for your paigh order and already thinking about how to style your new clothes? Are your harem pants lying unhappily in your closet because you don't yet know which parts of your wardrobe you can combine them with? Here are tips and a lot of inspiration.

How to style harem pants

Harem pants are more versatile than you might think. Depending on which items of clothing, colors or cuts you combine them with, you can create very different looks. From boho to casual to playful – everything is possible!

Basic tips

Classic harem pants fit loosely and are ankle length. Garments with such a cut should be combined with tight-fitting tops if they are to flatter the figure. Crop tops are particularly suitable due to their hip-high fit . This combination creates a beautiful waist. If you don't feel comfortable showing off your stomach, spaghetti tops are a great alternative. Off-the-shoulder tops add interest to the look without revealing too much. Of course , T-shirts are always possible; However, it is advisable to tuck the shirt a little into the pants so that the outfit looks a little more figure-hugging. In winter or in the evening, cardigans in particular go well with harem trousers.

Summer pants with white topHow to style harem pants in winterTop with harem pants

Matching color combinations

When I pull a pair of Paigh harem pants out of the closet, I always find myself automatically reaching for a white top. The combination of the simple shirt with the bright, colorful pants makes the pants stand out even more. White always works, also because it doesn't match any other color. It's similar with black , although I would recommend a black top for dark models such as the Night Mandala harem pants or the Golden Ornaments harem pants .

Styling harem pants

Our harem pants are usually multicolored. There is a nice effect if you choose the color of your top to match the detail colors of your pants . You can see an example in the following image: Our model is wearing a mustard yellow top, which goes perfectly with the honeycomb accents on the pants. In addition, the blouse was tucked into the pants a little at the front, which gave the outfit more shape.

Model with harem pants and blouse style

If you have harem pants that are primarily made of one color, such as the Turquoise Ornaments Harem Pants , make sure your top is not the exact same color (here: turquoise). A completely monochrome outfit often only works with black outfits or colored suits. :p

The right shoes

Our classic harem pants are perfect for warm days. Of course, it makes sense to combine the trousers with open shoes such as sandals . A neutral color such as white, black, brown or nude is also ideal here.

You can create a completely different look if you combine the harem pants with sneakers . Then the entire outfit looks more casual and sporty.

If you are looking for a middle ground between casual and playful, espadrilles are the “way to go”. For example, in the photo below you can see the combination of dark harem pants (the model is wearing the Oriental Universe harem pants here ) with black espadrilles and a white shirt. This outfit is casual without being boring. The reduction to a few colors that appear again and again make it look fashionable and modern.

Sneakers on harem pantsEspadrilles as shoes for harem pants

Accessories that make your outfit shine even more

While one could argue that paigh harem pants are eye-catching enough, accessories can still add a little something extra to your outfit.

If you want to go for a beach look - which is of course particularly suitable for summer holidays - then a straw hat is your best companion.

But if you want your outfit to fit more into major German cities, then a cropped denim jacket or cardigan can also look cool.

Whether on the beach or in the city – what always works is a pretty bandana . Of course, bandanas that match one or more colors of your pants are particularly suitable here. Did you know that we even offer bandanas in our shop in the same colors and patterns as our harem pants?

airy summer trousers with pocketStyle harem pants with accessories

A pair of cool sunglasses in the main color of your pants or shoes or a pretty shoulder bag can also enhance your outfit.

Finally, you can of course also work wonderfully with jewelry. How about a pair of statement earrings in the color of your pants or a bracelet that reflects a detail color?


In the end, how you wear your paigh harem pants and what items of clothing you combine them with is of course up to you. The main thing is that you feel good!

We're always happy to see your outfit creations using our products. If you'd like, tag us on Instagram at @paigh or use the hashtag #paigh.

If you would like to find out more about topics such as mindfulness, family and pregnancy, healthy eating or sustainability, check out exciting blog articles here .

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