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Article: Advantages of minimalism - why you win more than you lose

Vorteile von Minimalismus – Wieso du mehr gewinnst, als du verlierst | paigh | Fair & gemütlich

Advantages of minimalism - why you win more than you lose

Correctly read! Today it's all about minimalism once again - more precisely, the numerous advantages that minimalism brings. Because with a minimalist lifestyle you gain much more than you lose or let go. What I mean by that, you'll find out now - so let's get started right away!

Advantages of minimalism

More fun

One of the biggest points that drives many people to try minimalism is the desire to feel more happiness and joy. Such a lifestyle does indeed increase the quality of life. Through advertising we always get the feeling that we don't have - or wouldn't have - enough. Be it a car, a beauty product or the great love - we are made to believe that we can only become happy and satisfied through these things. But happiness is a state of being, not of having - and minimalism reminds us of this.

Fewer issues

Another point that is virtually obvious is that a minimalist lifestyle saves money. Of course, we cannot avoid buying products and objects. But you spend your money mainly on what you really need. Now and then you buy the things you want because they make you happy. This is a different kind of consumption than the one suggested by advertising. By not buying excessively everything we see (or weigh up our buying decisions and make conscious choices), we save money.

More environmental protection

Conversely, lower consumption also means less waste and less wastage. In this way minimalists contribute to environmental protection. If we deal with minimalism and start to establish the lifestyle in our everyday life, our inner attitude towards things automatically changes. What we own becomes more important for us; we are more grateful and appreciate our belongings more. This often brings with it the desire not to want to throw away broken or damaged things. Instead, we want to repair or recycle things. If we want to get rid of things that we no longer need, we give them away or donate them rather than throw them into the bin. The people who receive our things then also have to buy less new ones and so they also contribute to the fact that less garbage is produced..

Less stress and emotional ballast

If we separate ourselves from junk, we not only free our home from clutter, but also our head and heart. Because often it is the things we hold on to (whether emotionally or literally) that keep us from taking the next step and creating the life we want to create. And that's not just a figure of speech: there are studies that show that our stress levels are constantly increasing with the number of things we own. So when we free ourselves from a part of our possessions, we also cleanse our head. There is less that we have to think about and worry about. In the end we feel less stress and anxiety.

ordentlicher Schreibtisch mit Pflanze und Lampe: Vorteile von Minimalismus
Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash
More time and order

Those who want to live a more minimalist life often start by clearing out a lot of things. This can take a lot of time. But in the long run, a minimalist lifestyle gives us more time. Your own four walls won't get messy so quickly (of course it depends on you and your habits ). You don't have to waste so much mental energy on what needs to be cleaned or tidied up and what you have to take care of, but you can focus on what you want to do. I now also spend less time chasing the latest trends on the internet and in the city centre and more time appreciating what I already have. Just realizing how little I really need to be happy is worth it!

Less toxic comparisons

Always wanting the latest, the best, and the next can be very stressful for us internally. There seems to be no end in sight; no point where we have everything. If we focus on the wealth that is already in our lives, we stop comparing ourselves with others and being dissatisfied. We feel liberated from the pressure, mainly conveyed by the media, to have more and more - which brings us back to the first point: We can feel more joy again

Minimalism should not be defined by the maximum number of items you can own, how many items you have to say goodbye to, or how white and sparse your home can be

For me, it's not about owning as little as possible, but about having just the right amount of something. To have objects that I use and that make me happy.
You can also define minimalism as it suits you. To what extent you follow the approach of a minimalist lifestyle is ultimately up to you. Use minimalism for your own benefit because you want to, not because the Internet tells you it's something you have to do

Do you know any other advantages of minimalism? Write them down in the comments below this post!

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of minimalism or the topics of sustainability, mindfulness or healthy eating, take a look here over.

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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