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Article: Chakra meditation - meditation techniques for beginners

Die Chakrameditation – Meditationstechniken für Einsteiger | paigh | Fair & gemütlich

Chakra meditation - meditation techniques for beginners

Before I introduce you to chakra meditation, I would like to briefly explain what meditation actually is.

Meditation is a mindfulness technique with which you can learn to direct your focus and consciously direct your own attention. The positive effects of meditation on health and general feelings of happiness have now been proven by numerous studies . The reduction of stress, an increased sense of inner peace and a better ability to concentrate are just some of the numerous effects of meditation. It also helps you get to know yourself better. You become aware of what you think and feel and where these feelings and thoughts come from.

If you want to get to know meditation and try it out for yourself, it can be difficult to decide how best to get started. In this blog post I will give you some basic information and tips for meditation. Today we want to get to know chakra meditation, with which you can raise your energy to a new level.


The teaching of chakras is several thousand years old and originally comes from India. It deals with the energy that connects our physical body with our energetic body. This is based on seven main energy centers, which are located vertically along our spine. These chakras begin at the bottom of the spine (root chakra) and end at the crown of the head (crown chakra). Each chakra has its own color and is assigned to its own area of ​​life. If you would like to know more about what chakras are and why it is worth taking a look at this model, then please take a look at this blog post. You don't necessarily need this theoretical background for today's meditation. You might even find it easier to find an approach to this topic without much prior knowledge – whatever feels right to you.

Ideally, our chakras are in balance. Then we can exploit our full potential and the energy can flow smoothly. But unfortunately this is only the case for a few of us. There is often a crisis in one area of ​​life or another and we have the feeling that we are blocking ourselves. A stalled energy flow can arise, for example, from suppressed emotions or unresolved conflicts.

One way to release these blockages, open the chakras and bring them back into balance is meditation. There are chakra meditations that only treat a specific chakra. But today we want to engage in a more general chakra meditation in which we focus our attention on the different chakras one after the other and visualize their respective colors. Additionally, we connect each chakra with a positive affirmation to support the opening of the chakras.

Chakra meditation to release blocked energies (duration: approx. 15 minutes)

  1. Find a comfortable seat and place your hands on your thighs, palms down. If you like, you can pull your shoulders up towards your ears again and then let them roll back and down with pleasure. When you're ready, close your eyes. Breathe deeply in through your nose – and out again – several times. Bring your attention to the tip of your nose and observe how a light stream of air touches the tip of your nose with each inhale and exhale. Take as much time as you need to arrive in this moment.
  2. Now direct your focus to your root chakra, the lowest area of ​​your spine. Imagine how, with each inhalation, a bright red light appears in the area of ​​your tailbone and spreads out from there like the petals of a flower. Let the light become more intense with each new breath. Now repeat the affirmation “ I trust” to yourself in your mind and imagine how the affirmation arrives more and more in the area of ​​your root chakra. Stay with your root chakra for ten breaths, repeating the affirmation over and over again as you let the red light shine more and more strongly.
  3. Now move your attention up to your sacral chakra, which is a few finger-widths below your belly button. Let a beautiful orange light spread here, which shines a little more powerfully with every breath. The affirmation that you can connect to your sacral chakra is “ I am creative ”. Repeat this affirmation in your thoughts and let it settle into your sacral chakra. Stay here for the next ten breaths, repeatedly connecting the region to the color as you repeat the affirmation to yourself.
  4. Now move your focus to your solar plexus chakra in the center of your body. Your solar plexus shines in a bright yellow tone and becomes more intense with every breath. Connect the affirmation “ I create my life ” to your solar plexus chakra and repeat the words over and over in your head for the next ten breaths. Stay with your core and the sunny yellow color that continues to spread within you.
  5. Your attention now turns to your heart chakra. Connect with the energy and love in your heart that radiates from your heart into your entire body in the form of an emerald green light. Here, repeat to yourself the words “ I am filled with love and compassion ” as you allow the green light to grow stronger and stronger. After ten breaths, let your attention move away from your heart chakra and move up to your throat chakra.
  6. Imagine how a light blue light arises around your larynx and radiates from there into your entire throat. Here, mentally connect with your ability to express yourself and repeat the affirmation “I fully express myself.” With each of the next ten breaths, let the words sink deeper into your throat and let the blue light shine more powerfully.
  7. Now bring your attention up to your third eye, into the forehead chakra area. An indigo blue light emerges behind your forehead and spreads out from there in waves. The forehead chakra connects you to your inner wisdom and intuition. Therefore, repeat here the words “I know my true self”. For the next ten breaths, your attention remains with the ever-increasing blue light and the affirmation.
  8. After your connection with the forehead chakra, your attention now moves to the crown of your head, where your crown chakra is located. A beautiful purple light appears above your head, connecting you to the universe. The affirmation “I am connected” accompanies you for the next ten breaths as the radiant light around the crown of your head continues to expand.
  9. Now bring your focus back to your breathing and take three deep breaths. Reconnect with the energy in your body and feel how the energy can flow freely. When you're ready, open your eyes and come back to the here and now.

Of course, if you enjoyed the chakra meditation, you can repeat it as often as you like. You can also modify it by focusing specifically on one or more chakras where the energy flow is blocked. If the energy doesn't flow properly after the first time and the area still feels blocked, then repeat the meditation until you feel a change. Of course, the longer our body has been in this state, the more difficult it is to resolve existing blockages. So take heart if it hasn't worked out the way you imagined!

In my next mindfulness blog post I will introduce you to a gratitude meditation. This will get you in a good mood in a flash. I'll be happy if you stop by!

If you would like to find out more about the topics of mindfulness, healthy eating or sustainability, take a look here .

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