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Article: About humanity, hope and courage in the Corona crisis

Person streckt Hand in den Himmel voller Hoffnung

About humanity, hope and courage in the Corona crisis

The corona pandemic is currently giving us bad news, uncertainty and many questions every day. Nevertheless, beautiful things are happening all over the world during this time. Aside from minor toilet paper wars in supermarkets, you almost get the impression that people are treating each other nicer. Many people start to help those around them or rethink some of the decisions they make every day. Because suddenly everyday things have more importance and everything is no longer taken for granted.

In this blog post I share five values ​​that are experiencing a renaissance as a result of the Corona crisis, giving us hope and putting a smile on our faces in these difficult times.

1. Empathy

During this time, many people no longer only think about themselves, but are increasingly concerned about their fellow human beings. You are wondering what the current situation means for older people and the chronically ill. How must the homeless feel? What does this exceptional situation do to people who live alone and feel lonely? Because any of us could become infected with the virus, and we are all in the same situation at the moment, we feel a stronger sense of community. Suddenly we can identify with people who otherwise lead completely different lives than we do. We experience greater compassion and understanding for our families, our neighbors, but also for people around the world or in particularly affected crisis areas. Because suddenly you understand what it's like to no longer have guaranteed access to everyday products, to be alone or not to be able to take part in events that you've been looking forward to for a long time.

2. Solidarity and willingness to help

This increased empathy and the positive shift in focus towards community leads to all kinds of offers of help and acts of solidarity. In Italy people make music and sing together on balconies, in Germany candles are lit in the evenings, bells are rung or there is applause to think of all those affected and all those who helped. All sorts of online offerings are being set up, local retailers are offering delivery services, and donations are being placed on donation fences for the homeless. Even professions that are otherwise taken for granted are now seen in a different light. All the people who work hard every day to keep the system running are now getting the recognition they deserve. Even if it can't be said in general terms, I still have the feeling that most people are sticking together more strongly during this difficult time than before.

3. Creativity and innovation

A special situation requires special ideas. Companies have to rethink. Politicians must predict future circumstances as best as possible and plan accordingly. Families must find creative solutions. Educational institutions must demonstrate an innovative spirit. And and and. And even if everything is a little chaotic and in many areas you can't exactly say things are running smoothly, there are still a lot of creative and wonderful ideas. Large entrepreneurs rely on local retailers, tailors sew face masks and breweries produce disinfectants. But the Internet is also a great help. Museums offer virtual tours of their exhibitions, some universities offer free online courses, cultural events are held via live streams and home workouts are becoming increasingly popular on YouTube. But neighborhood help and social (donation) projects can also be communicated and supported via the Internet in a very short time.
So many creative minds!

4. Sustainability

The environment also benefits from the current situation in some areas. There is less traffic on the roads and therefore fewer traffic jams. Air traffic was also largely stopped. NASA images show a sharp decrease in air pollution in China. There are images of dolphins returning and Venice's canals becoming clear again. Unfortunately, all of these changes are expected to be temporary. But even small improvements are better than nothing, right? At least nature can breathe a little easier. But people are also (forced to) learn to live a little more sustainably during this time. Or at least worry about their consumption. People are increasingly cooking at home and buying and consuming food more consciously. Hygiene rules are being relearned and people are paying more attention to how they behave and move in everyday life. This increased awareness of your own health (and that of others) is also sustainable in the long term.

5. Gratitude and mindfulness

Ultimately, the exceptional situation leads to more mindfulness in everyday life and more gratitude. We all probably felt restricted at the beginning of the public measures. That's also completely normal. Because a lot of things that we took for granted before the quarantine period are no longer an option. But that's exactly what shows us how grateful we can be for all the things that we don't even consciously notice in everyday life: numerous shops that are open. Professional groups that are essential for our society. Events that serve our entertainment. Meet with friends. Flour, sugar, toilet paper. Fresh air. Walks. Family. A roof over your head. Health (!).

The Corona crisis also represents an opportunity for many people to think about how they normally use their time. Priorities can be reset. Time with family is valued more. Free time after work is not spent in front of the television, but rather with a book or a craft project.
The “lots of free time” that a large part of society is currently enjoying is an opportunity to slow down and pause on many levels.

What thoughts give you courage in these difficult times? What things happening right now give you hope? We look forward to your comment.

If you would like to find out more about the topics of mindfulness, healthy eating or sustainability, take a look here .

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Photo by Hillie Chan on Unsplash

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